Benchmarks & Tools

We have setup a community for SyGuS on StarExec, a platform developed by the University of Iowa for running online competitions.

You are invited to register to the SyGuS community on StarExec, where the SyGuS-Comp public solvers and benchmarks are available. Each year, we make all the benchmarks and solvers public after the conclusion of SyGuS-Comp. You can use StarExec to check validity of newly created benchmarks, run the public solvers on your own set of benchmarks, and/or easily and discreetly test your solver against the public or your own benchmarks.

On GitHub, we have released the source code for

UPDATE: We are currently also making the source code for the SyGuS-correctness checker and the pre/post-processing scripts used for SyGuS-Comp on StarExec available on this GitHub repo. The benchmarks are also being sorted and deduplicated, and would soon be available on this GitHub repo. Stay tuned!